Our Services

Thorough Chiropractic Evaluation

This will include history taking, examination of the posture, gait analysis, joints motion palpation.

Chiropractic Treatment

This will include treating the fixated joints with the use of hand that we called an adjustment. 

Follow Up Visit

A check-up every 2-3 weeks is required for the an optimal healing process. 

*The number of follow up visits is dependent on each individual pet. 


Chiropractic treatments are usually performed as follows:

  • A high velocity, low-amplitude controlled thrust.

  • By hand or instrument, on a specific joint articulation.​

  • Not limited to injured or sick pet.

How body works?

Benefits of Animal Chiropractic

  • Pet is more comfortable and happy!

  • Improved mobility.

  • Increased energy and improved health.

  • Better temperament.

  • Improved athletic performance.

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Signs & Symptoms


  • Pain when being touched.

  • Reluctance or difficulty when moving.

  • Difficulty when getting up after lying down.

  • Negative changes in attitude or behavior.

  • Altered sitting (“Puppy Sitting”).

  • Changes in daily habits.

  • Constantly licking or chewing paws.

  • Post-surgical discomfort.

  • Injuries/Trauma/Accidents.


  • Pain and stiffness when moving or being touched.

  • Reduced performance.

  • Negative changes in behavior or attitude.

  • Abnormal gait, shortened stride or lameness.

  • Inability or difficulty in taking a lead.

  • Bucking.

  • Difficulty or inability to collect.

  • Pinning ears or snapping when being cinched.

  • Difficulty flexing at poll.

Horse and rider performs as a functional unit. When the rider has musculo-skeletal imbalances the horses will compensate and vice versa.